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The Tournament Director team is broadly responsible for the management and upkeep of Official Tournaments and the communities involved with them. The wider Tournament Director team is broken up into three distinct groups of TDs, each with their own specific focus.

The Tournaments Community team is responsible for the oversight and general interactions with the Official Tournaments community. This entails supervision and involvement with the moderation teams responsible for the Tournaments subforum, the Smogon Tournaments Discord server, and the SmogTours PS! server. This team will also be handling reports and appeals related to the Tournaments sections, creating and maintaining projects or resources that are not part of running specific tournaments, and continued involvement with the community.

The Tournaments Oversight team is responsible for the continued operation of Official Tournaments. This includes hosting or arranging for hosts for trophy tournaments, handling manager selections for team tournaments, scheduling the Trophy Tournament Circuit, oversight of and outreach to the various Ribbon Circuits, activity decision review on request, and the establishment and upkeep of resources involved with running tournaments.

The Tournaments Policy team is responsible for setting the rules and policies surrounding Official Tournaments. This includes creation and review of the Official Tournament rules, determining which metagames and tiers are included in the Trophy Tournament Circuit, responsibility for handling the Tournaments Policy subforum, and all other pieces involved with setting policy for Official Tournaments.

Each of these sections is led by a Head Tournament Director, who is responsible for ensuring each group is actively addressing their responsibilities and making sure their team is sufficiently staffed. Collectively the three Head TDs are responsible for coordination of projects outside the scope of any one section, ensure that no section is being neglected, and provide additional support for each group as needed.

The Tournament Directors in each team will be responsible for making decisions on any standing issues related to their section. Users who can help provide additional perspective will often be consulted (for example, Community Leaders, moderation teams, through the Tournaments Policy subforum, or Tournament Directors from other sections) and their input will be used to determine what action is taken, but the final decision is to be made and communicated publicly by the involved team.

The current Head TDs are:
Tournaments Community - TPP
Tournaments Oversight - Merritt
Tournaments Policy - Star

Interest in applying to join the Tournaments Director team should go through the application found HERE. Questions related to a specific section of the Tournaments Director team should be addressed to the Head TD for that section.
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